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Handbuch der Poker-Moves

Poker Plays You Can Use, in German PokerBooks.De was interested in bringing Poker Plays You Can Use to the German speaking world.  If you are so inclined, go get a copy (and tell me if it is a good translation.)  It looked pretty to me at least.

Audio Tips On KLAV

KLAV in Las Vegas is the home of the Mark Hoke show.  We have partnered together to bring you a series of one minute audio poker tips: No Limping Preflop Bet Sizing Don’t defend the small blind   The featured image for this post was originally found here.

Video: Loose Agressive Players

I am about a third of the way through with the audio version of the book Poker Plays You Can Use. I wanted to see if there was any interest in adding a video version. I think this came out pretty well. The video really adds to the audio book.

Video: Practical Poker Combinatorics

If we all had Flopzilla at the poker table, we could put the Villain on a range and decide if it is more likely he is bluffing or value betting.  In Poker Plays You Can Use I wrote a short appendix about how to do combinatorics at the table.  The system is based on counting […]

More Poker Plays You Can Use

Are you using Poker Plays You Can Use to win bigger than before? Are you innovating on the ideas you learned in the book to come up with new bluffs or value plays? Would you like to have your hand appear in a future book? The working title is More Poker Plays You Can Use. I plan […]

Stop And Go In Cash Games

Normally the Stop and Go move is a tournament play because stacks are so much shorter.  The lite 4-bet shortened the stacks to the point that it was relevant in this hand. I really expect that the LAG is opening and raising lite.  It only take so long at the table to know that the […]

Bad Bet Sizing: When Is A Raise Not A Raise?

When I raise, I want every person left in the hand to think, “I am not sure what I should do.”  Why do I want that?  Because the alternative reaction is, “This is an easy decision.”  Here is a typical situation that falls into this bad category. Three limpers at $1-$2 and someone raises the […]

Torrent Poker Plays You Can Use by Doug Hull

If you are looking for a torrent of the PDF of Poker Plays You Can Use by Doug Hull, I would prefer you buy a copy from me. I spent a long time working on this book. However, if you would still like a free copy, please just e-mail me (hull@threebarrelBluff.com) and explain why.  I […]

Three-Bet & Four-Bet Pre-Flop Wars

Poker Plays You Can Use is all about finding good spots for getting value, bluffing and rebluffing. These spots are found through pattern recognition. Poker Plays You Can Use shows you those patterns. For instance, not many of you notice the huge number of green VW Beetles that are driving around. I did not either until […]
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