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If you are going to play, you might as well win. Winning poker is not intuitive, the self-taught poker genius is a myth.

Everything you need to become a winning player is written. Read Ed Miller, Doug Hull and Matt Janda.  The information is right there. However, the leap from reading to fully understanding and implementing is huge. That is where a coach comes in.

When Ed Miller was my coach, he showed me some conceptual roadblocks that were stopping me from playing better. I never would have seen them myself. I will do the same for you.

I teach what I know: low-limit, live, no-limit Texas Hold’em. 95% of all poker players lose in the long term. I can teach you to be on the better side of that line.  I do not have some huge multi-million dollar success story, but I am able to consistently book wins.  You can too.

Prices: $150 per hour.  Free brief initial consult to make sure we are compatible.  I prefer students that are interested in a longer term commitment. If you book a block of hours for a trip, this can spread out across your trip as needed. I am very flexible.

Give me a call or text right now (24-7):

I have taught via Skype, but prefer live. I can be found anywhere you like in Las Vegas or can travel to you for larger commitments. I am frequently in Los Angeles also.

A typical first session I have a two hour c-betting lesson plan. This sets the tone for how I look at the game, and the over all strategy. I find out where the problem areas are from this initial discussion.  We talk about what you can do to shore up these weaknesses.  I will then go watch you play $1-$2. I sit behind you, write down every hand you play. After a while, we go discuss what happened. We keep repeating this process.  Often the problems are not where you think they are. Observed playing will find these problems.

It is best to prepare for a session by having some hands to discuss.  Here is a good live poker hand record sheet you could use

Characteristics of my typical students:

  • Slightly losing to slightly winning players (-$10 to +$7 an hour at $1-$2 over 500 hours minimum)
  • Near retirement, seeking to have a low cost to profitable hobby
  • Someone that has no serious players near them to discuss hands
  • Math ability from terrible to Rainman!
  • Engineers, small business owners and military seem to gravitate to me

GO PRO Trial Run

I see a lot of guys that want to “Go Pro at poker.”  A perspective pro should have about a $10,000 bankroll, and about $15,000 for an initial liferoll to cover living expenses for six months for a single person living cheap.  This would be my bare minimum you-will-be-living-on-the-edge-with-a-minimal-safety-net plan.

Most people that want to go pro are going to have a hard time rolling up this kind of stake, but they have this burning desire to know if they have what it takes.

That is where I come in. I have a spare bedroom and live near the Strip. Come to Vegas, move into an established poker house with a regular study group and personal coaching from me. You would be living with an established poker professional and living the Pro life for a trial run. The pricing on this is very much a personalized negotiation. Let’s talk.

I want this!
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I get back to people pretty quickly. Play an interesting hand, have a question about the book? Say hello!