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More Poker Plays You Can Use

Are you using Poker Plays You Can Use to win bigger than before?

Are you innovating on the ideas you learned in the book to come up with new bluffs or value plays?

Would you like to have your hand appear in a future book? The working title is More Poker Plays You Can Use. I plan to follow the same format as Poker Plays You Can Use, only feature hands played by my readers. You will get

  • Expert feedback on your play.
  • A free signed paper copy of the book.
  • A free electronic copy of the book.
  • Your name and casino included in the hand (can do anonymous if you wish).
  • Your analysis and thought process might be included.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, send me your hands. Here is the first hand I have received and what I expect the chapter to look like.

This could be your hand!

E-mail the details of the hand to hull@threeBarrelBluff.com Please be detailed with the action and stack sizes.

Doug Hull
Doug Hull
I am a poker player and author of the book "Poker Plays You Can Use". Contact me if you are looking to improve your live poker game.
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