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Monthly Archive for: "July, 2013"

Torrent Poker Plays You Can Use by Doug Hull

If you are looking for a torrent of the PDF of Poker Plays You Can Use by Doug Hull, I would prefer you buy a copy from me. I spent a long time working on this book. However, if you would still like a free copy, please just e-mail me (hull@threebarrelBluff.com) and explain why.  I […]

Three-Bet & Four-Bet Pre-Flop Wars

Poker Plays You Can Use is all about finding good spots for getting value, bluffing and rebluffing. These spots are found through pattern recognition. Poker Plays You Can Use shows you those patterns. For instance, not many of you notice the huge number of green VW Beetles that are driving around. I did not either until […]
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