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Using Live Hand Records

In Poker Plays You Can Use, Hand 11 shows me completing the small blind in a multi-way pot with Kh5h. It is checked to a player I have been studying for a while.  He bets on a board of 9h9dTd from the last position. I check-raise. I did this because I knew he never bets […]

Harrington’s WSOP Bluff Raise

This is the squeeze play with air referred to in Poker Plays You Can Use. Notice his image, loose raiser and caller mattered more than his cards. Also, not the bet sizing. This is leverage, as the whole stack is threatened, yet he only uses half. The image used in this post is originally from […]

Angle Shooter Turns Thief

What do you do when you suspect an angle shooter has crossed the line into out right theft? The player in question has been shooting angles all night.  That is an old term for bending the rules of poker nearly to the breaking point.  Let me give you an example, there was a board where […]
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