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Wednesday Poker Discussion Group in Las Vegas

One of my favorite attractions in Las Vegas is not on the tourist map.  The Wednesday Poker Discussion Group in Las Vegas.  A bunch of serious students of the game get together every Wednesday at Ricardo’s on Flamingo.

There is not really any one in charge, no fees, just show up.  People start getting there about 2:30, and it really gets rolling about 3:00.  There are hand discussions, presentations, questions and answers.  Notables like Ed Miller, Linda Johnson, Mike Sexton and myself are known to show up from time to time.

If you are in vegas and want to make friends with some locals and learn something about poker, I recommend you stop by.  No reservations needed, and it happens every week, so just go!

Doug Hull
Doug Hull
I am a poker player and author of the book "Poker Plays You Can Use". Contact me if you are looking to improve your live poker game.
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