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Preview of Poker Work Book for Math Geeks

Do you need to get better at poker math? Not sure if you should call with a set when you think he flopped a straight?

PWBFMG front cover This new poker work book is for you. It is like Sudoku for poker players. Learn all kinds of approximation techniques so you never pay too much for a draw again.


Here is the Table of Contents

  • Pre-Flop All-In Math
  • Pre-Flop All-In Percentages
  • Turn Math
  • Equity on the Turn, Hand Versus Hand
  • Equity on Turn Hands Versus Type of Hand
  • Calling Odds
  • Ratios and Percentages
  • Hunting Method and Bracketing
  • Your Percentage of the Pot Method
  • Calculating Percentages and Odds
  • Drawing Decision on Turn: Percents or Odds
  • Implied Odds on the Turn
  • Counting Combos
  • Hand Versus Range, All-In
  • Hand Versus Range, Implied Odds
  • Flop Math
  • Equity on the Flop
  • Hand Versus Hand Type
  • Hand Versus Hand Facing a Flop Shove
  • Decision Versus a Hand Type Shove on the Flop
  • Hand Versus Range After a Flop Shove
  • Hand Versus Hand on the Flop with Implied Odds
  • Hand Versus Range on Flop with Implied Odds
  • Fold Equity


Doug Hull
Doug Hull
I am a poker player and author of the book "Poker Plays You Can Use". Contact me if you are looking to improve your live poker game.
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