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Best poker torrent previews

Poker authors and content producers like Ed Miller, Bet Raise Fold Movie, James “SplitSuit” Sweeney, and Doug Hull want to see you become better poker players.

We also want to pay our mortgages.

We know that a lot of poker books suck, and you don’t want to feel ripped off.  That is why we have released huge previews for the torrent community.

Torrent preview of Ed Miller How to Read Hands at No-limit Hold-em

Torrent preview of Ed Miller Playing the Player

Torrent statement Bet Raise Fold Movie

Torrent Preview of Doug Hull Poker Plays You Can Use

Torrent Preview of Doug Hull Red Chip Poker

Doug Hull
Doug Hull
I am a poker player and author of the book "Poker Plays You Can Use". Contact me if you are looking to improve your live poker game.
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