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Poker video training with Ed Miller and Doug Hull

Poker video training is a really great way to learn poker.  I recently had a coaching student that was unfortunate enough to run AK into AA or KK twice in the session I was sweating him at the tables.  He got stacked both times.  Lost $400 in essentially the same situation:  Calling against a 4-bet with AK.  He wanted to know what he could do better there.  I could not say how to play AK better than James Sweeney did in his AK video.

James said it right there:  Fold AK by default to a 4-bet.

In both situations, it was pretty clear the Villain had to have a hand to make those bets, so as pretty as AK is, it needed to go into the muck because it does terrible against the range being repped by the four-bets.  My student said had he really internalized that notion before going to the casino, he would have lost money in those two situations, but certainly not $400. This is why training matters.  One insight can literately save (or earn you) hundreds of dollars in one session and far more over a lifetime. Ed Miller, James Sweeney, Christian Soto and myself have started a monthly poker video training site.  It is at RedChipPoker.com and for $10 a month, you get at least four videos, premium blog posts and discounts on our products.  It is very inexpensive for poker videos.  I know that if I were not a coach there, I would join just to hear what Ed Miller has to say every month.  Go take a look, even for free you get one of the videos each month. Here is a preview of Ed Miller’s video Everyone is terrible at Poker.  Subscribe to get the rest.

Doug Hull
Doug Hull
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